The end

Nov. 5th, 2009 10:00 pm
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I went to my obgyn today, to get my postpartum check up, and all is great. And that concludes my child having saga, so from now on it's just child raising.

Сегодня сходила к моему врачу акушеру, для послеродовой проверки, и у меня все отлично. Так что моя детородная сага окончена, теперь будет только детовыращивание
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And now for no verbiage, but lots of pictures
А теперь нет слов, одни фотки
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I gave birth to our daughter, Caitlin Isabel, about an hour ago. We are both doing great.

Примерно час назад я родила дочку, Кейтлин Изабель. У нас все отлично.


Sep. 15th, 2009 01:50 pm
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I got an epidural around noon, and all pain has ceased. Lovely lovely stuff! The doc still hasn't been in to see me, but I am at 6cm dilation, so something is definitely going on.

В районе полудня, мне поставили эпидурал. Замечательная штука, очень советую. Врач еще не приходил, но у меня 6см раскрытия, так что что-то происходит.
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I woke up at almost 5 with contractions that were actually painful. By 8 the little monkey was at daycare, and we headed for the hospital. Around 9:30 I was 2 cm dilated, and around 10am I was at 3cm, so I don't think they are sending me home today.

Сегодня проснулась почти в пять, с болезненными потугами. К восьми мы отправили сынулю в детский сад, и поехали в роддом. Где-то в 9:30 раскрытие было 2 см, а через час уже 3см, так что не думаю что меня сегодня пошлют домой.
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After an hour and a half at the hospital, it was determined that I am in very early labor, and I was sent home, where I promptly fell asleep for almost 3 hours. So now we are just waiting for me to get "real" contractions.

В роддоме сказали что у меня таки схватки, но так как это очень ранние роды, отправили домой, ждать "настоящих" схваток. Дома я моментально уснула на три часа, теперь сижу, жду.

Baby watch

Sep. 14th, 2009 11:44 am
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I've been too lazy and tired to write, but since I have nothing to do right now, I figure I'll write it all up.
On the 4th (39 weeks), I went to my regular appointment. I was not at all anywhere close to labor. Since my doc was out of town for the labor day weekend that followed, we told the baby not to come out. The doc was also nice enough to sign the start of my disability, so that Friday was my last day at work. On Saturday I started having frequent braxton hicks, and thought that it might actually result in something. Nope. By the evening it quieted down and didn't really come back. On Tuesday (8th), we went back to the doctor. I was 50% effaced, but nothing else. So my next appointment was supposed to be on Wed. the 16th. On Saturday I crossed over into my fourth trimester, ie past the due date. On Sunday morning I started having cramps, and they got pretty bad until the nap, but really quieted down after that. After going swimming with Simon, I hardly felt anything. The baby started rolling around at 11pm, which was highly uncomfortable, so I didn't get much sleep. This morning I got Si up, played with him a bit, and dropped him off at daycare. I was planning on taking a nap, but the crampy contractiony thing came back, but highly irregular. At the urging of my sister, I called my doc, and his nurse told me that I should probably go to the hospital to get checked out. So here I am. They've checked me in, and put monitors on my stomach. The girl is doing great on everything they look at. I am 1cm dilated and 70% effaced, and the cramps are in fact mild contractions. I am waiting for my doc to get out of surgery, at which point I will most likely be discharged to go home, and wait for the labor to start in the earnest. The nurse thinks I should be back in 24-48 hours. Oh, and I love having wireless at the hospital, or I'd be bored out of my mind

Слишком занудное перечисление что со мной происходит, чисто для меня. Вкратце, я в роддоме, для проверки что у меня все хорошо. Скорее всего меня скоро отпустят, но вроде родить я должна в следующие несколько дней. И у меня, и у дочки все идет хорошо
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Nope, still nothing. We are going to a museum

Пока ничего, ушли в музей.
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The nursery is practically done. The due date is tomorrow. Now all we are waiting for is for the baby to decide to come out.

Дочкину детскую уже практически закончили. ПДР завтра. Единственное что мы теперь ждем это желание ребенка вылезти наружу.

38 weeks

Sep. 6th, 2009 01:36 pm
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Ever since I got pregnant with Simon, I wanted "real" pictures of me pregnant. Well, this time around I got to it, at 38 weeks and a few days. I guess I was lucky I haven't given birth yet :)
Еще с прошлой беременностью я хотела "настоящих" фоток. Так вот на этот раз, сбылась мечта идиота, в 38 недель и несколько дней. Повезло что я к тому времени еще не родила
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We went to see my ob today. Everything is normal, I didn't gain too much weight, my blood pressure is rock solid. And while things are progressing, the baby is showing no signs of coming out any time soon. This is good, as I have plans every day till next Friday! And I really don't want to miss Simon's party tomorrow.

Сходили к моему врачу-акушеру. Все нормально, я набрала совсем не много веса с прошлого визита, мое давление как у космонавта. Все идет по плану, но ребенка пока вроде не собирается вылезать. Это замечательно, потому что у меня планов до следующей пятницы! Ну и я очень не хочу пропустить завтрашнее празднования дня рождения Сая.

37 Weeks

Aug. 23rd, 2009 10:36 pm
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When I was pregnant with Simon, I tried to take pictures outside, in a decent light, well before I was exhausted. Oh my how things change. If I don't do it in a crappy light, at 11pm, while I am totally tired, it just doesn't get done at all. Oh well, it's documentation, not a work of art.
Когда я была беременна Сайкой, я старалась фотографироваться на улице, в приличном свете, и до того как уставала до мушек в глазах. А теперь у меня есть детка, так что или фотки дома, в 11 вечера, умирая от усталости, или никак. Так что это документация, а не искусство.
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Little one

Aug. 12th, 2009 10:02 pm
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I had a doctors appointment today, and an ultrasound. Other than gaining 8lb in three weeks, everything is great. We even got a few pictures of the little one. My next appointment is in two weeks.

Сегодня сходила ко врачу, и на ультразвук. Кроме 3.6кг за три недели, все идет отлично. Нам даже дали пару фоток малышки. Следующий раз ко врачу пойду через две недели


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33 weeks

33 weeks

Simon was sick, and miserable, and he wanted to be horizonal, and for me to hug him. So that's how we fell asleep.
Сайка был больной и несчастный, и хотел лежать, и что бы я его обнимала. Так что мы вот так заснули
33 weeks


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